Institute Management System

This is Institute Management System in and sql server. In this software we can enter the numbers of branches of the institute which are present. Even we can enter the faculty members information about each branch, information like their salary details, leave details, personal information etc. Administrator has the right to enter the student information, course details, fee structure and other details.

Institute Management System is extremely important online Institute Management System which has many advantages to your Institute.
  • Manage multiple departments from a single computer.
  • Total computerized system
  • Effective use of time
  • Cost effective
  • Charges are one time only

Institute Management System is the total management system imagined: the first truly scalable Institute Management package with power to revolutionize the way the Institutes are run. The software is more than just another technology solution it is an education system that will improve the way Institute is managed.

Reservation and Table Management:


  • Enhances end user satisfaction.
  • Quick return on investment.
  • Provides real time information.
  • Real time campus monitoring.
  • Transparency in operations.
  • High level security.
  • IMS reports assist decision support for management to plan, implement and manage changes.
  • Easy for customization with plug-in module facility.
  • Can be operated in any Operation System and minimum hardware and software requirements.
  • Runs in any browser with easy operational tools.

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